MeyeSight is a platform for presenting new initiatives we believe will have much needed
impact on those struggling with vision-impairing diseases
and on those delivering clinical and rehabilitation services.

Patients need help – understanding the complexities of their conditions,
the treatment plans they are engaged in, and what's happening to their vision.

Doctors, technicians, and nurses need help supporting and educating their patients.

MeyeSight was begun in 2013 by Stuart Carduner, an instructional designer
and glaucoma patient. As we present our vision for projects that we hope
to bring to fruition, we welcome comments and suggestions.


MeyeSight's first initiative is close to launching.
The MeyeSight Visual Fitness Test - developed by August Colenbrander, MD,
an ophthalmologist with 40 years of experience in vision rehabilitation -
ia a smarphone/tablet app which will be available for Android devices in the summer of 2016.

The informational website that accompanies the app - MeyeSight.net - is now available.

The MeyeSight Visual Fitness Test was developed with support from the
Readers Digest – Partners for Sight Foundation
dedicated to increasing self-reliance for people with visual impairments