Initiatives to bring awareness and tools to those with vision-threatening diseases
Empowering people to play an active roll in treating and optimizing their vision

Vision toolkit

An educational toolkit and mobile app offering a visual search self-test which tests acuity, contrast sensitivity and visual field.

Vision awareness/education

A vision awareness online resource center... ...

Glaucoma awareness

Developing a dynamic, broad and deep web resource presenting glaucoma information to support and empower those with glaucoma.

Focus on the patient

Why are patients with vision-threatening diseases so frustrated? They don't understand their disease or their treatment, And they don't feel their vision problems are being addressed.

Re-envisioning the system

Creating a system that will empower those with vision-impairing diseases to become active partners in their treatment and encourage doctors to offer their patients the resources and information they need.

This website is a platform for presenting new initiatives we believe will have much needed impact on those struggling with vision-impairing diseases and on those delivering clinical and rehabilitation services. Patients need help – understanding the complexities of their conditions, the treatment plans they are engaged in, and what's happening to their vision. Doctors, technicians, and nurses need help supporting and educating their patients.

We're "under development." As we present our vision for projects that we hope to bring to fruition, we welcome comments and suggestions.